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TONY RICE UNIT 'Unit Of Measure' ROU-0405-CD

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Any Tony Rice release is a major event, and this album --though limited to ten tracks --has more than enough amazing guitar work to please any and all of his fans and probably generate a bunch more. Recorded mostly in 1996, the material is typical of Rice in that it ranges from wonderful, straight out Bluegrass flatpicking masterpieces such as GOLD RUSH, JERUSALEM RIDGE and BEAUMONT RAG to Bluesy (HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN), folky (lovely versions of SHENANDOAH and DANNY BOY) and Jazz (SWING 42). Though some cuts feature just Rice and his guitar, others include his band at the time with Rickie Simpkins (fiddle), Jimmy Gaudreau (mandolin), Wyatt Rice (guitar) and Ronnie Simpkins (bass). Amazing work!

Track list:
1 Manzanita (1st Variation) 3:50
2 House Of The Rising Sun 5:23
3 Shenandoah 4:38
4 Gold Rush 3:01
5 Jerusalem Ridge 6:34
6 High Moon 3:43
7 Beaumont Rag 3:35
8 Swing 42 1:55
9 An Olde Irish Aire (Danny Boy) 2:03
10 Sally Goodin 8:29