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FLATT & SCRUGGS '1948-1959' (4CDs) BCD-15472-4CD

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Unparalelled. There are a lot of other superlatives we could use to describe this monumental 4-CD box set, but suffice to say this may be the most essential single package released in the age of CDs. The main difference between this and the previously issued, equally impressive Bill Monroe Bear Family boxed set is that in this case all of the essential music of the band is packed into one dynamite box. The set presents all 112 studio recordings made by Flatt & Scruggs between 1948-1959 in chronological order and there's not a weak cut among them: while the band made some nice recordings after 1959, most fans would agree that the bulk of their cuts starting with "Polka On A Banjo" and "Ballad Of Jed Clampett" were either over-produced or questionable material and not essential Flatt & Scruggs. All 28 of the classic Mercury tracks are on one amazing disc(in better sound that two previous Rounder re-issues)--the set proceeds through two discs worth of their early 50s Columbia cuts with such luminaries as Everett Lilly, Chubby Wise, Benny Martin, Howdy Forrester, etc, and concludes with a full disc worth of their dobro period featuring the work of the great Josh Graves. A superb, colorful booklet is provided in the box, with great photos, notes by Neil Rosenberg and a full discography. From CABIN IN CAROLINE to CABIN ON THE HILL, it's all here in an absolutely fantastic collection that will warm the heart of any Bluegrass fan. FOGGY MT. BREAKDOWN, DOWN THE ROAD, SALTY DOG BLUES, FLINT HILL SPECIAL, ON MY MIND, DEAR OLD DIXIE, I'LL TAKE THE BLAME, SOMEHOW TONIGHT, JIMMIE BROWN THE NEWSBOY, etc.