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Among the earliest Country Gentlemen recordings--and those that did much to bring them to the attention of a more urban audience--were 4 albums that they recorded for Moses Asch's Folkways label in the early 19602. After two fine albums of studio recordings, Folkways released a third album, "On The Road", taken from live recordings that were made partly at a concert at Antioch College in Ohio. Those 13 tracks are the basis for this re-issue, but happily it also includes 6 additional cuts that were recorded at a Carnegie Hall Sing Out concert in 1961. The group featured Charlie Waller, John Duffey, Eddie Adcock and Tom Gray at the time, and they are in good form here, especially on the Carnegie Hall cuts, which include THE FIELDS HAVE TURNED BROWN, AIN'T GONNA WORK TOMORROW, another version of LETTER TO TOM, THESE MEN OF GOD and LITTLE SPARROW(FAIR AND TENDER LADIES). It's good to see this early & important material available again, well-packaged & presented with a 28 page booklet of notes. POOR ELLEN SMITH, RAWHIDE, I AM A PILGRIM, GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK, AIN'T GOT NO HOME, LITTLE GLASS OF WINE, etc.