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LARRY SPARKS 'Silver Reflections' REB-1654-CD

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This album which came out in 1988 on LP marked Sparks' 25th year in the music business and it still holds up as one of his best efforts ever. It reflects the care Larry has always taken in selecting material, arranging and getting the most out of his band. Larry's distinctive voice is as good as ever on this record and it contains an amazing 4 numbers that have since become signature songs for Sparks: Pete Goble's classic TENNESSEE 1949 and BLUE VIRGINIA BLUE as well as I'D LIKE TO BE A TRAIN and Emma Smith's fine DON'T NEGLECT THE ROSE. The accompanists include David Harvey and Randy Jones(mandolins), Glen Duncan and Art Stamper(fiddles), Tim Sargent on dobro and Barry Crabtree on banjo. Great traditional Bluegrass!