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DOYLE LAWSON 'Heavenly Treasures' SH-3735-CD


This album was the follow up to Doyle's landmark "Rock My Soul", an album that has become a classic in Bluegrass music. Lawson has since put out a whole string of wonderful gospel albums that have established him as the master of this category, and it would be hard to point out any that are better than this record (which first came out on LP in 1983). There are several cuts here that are still very much a part of Lawson's repertoire, including 5 great a cappella songs that alone would make this album a "must": MY ROCK, WHEN THE SUN OF MY LIFE GOES DOWN, LOVER OF THE LORD, JEZEBEL and I DREAMED OF A GREAT JUDGMENT MORNING. Two songs that feature just mandolin & guitar accompaniment (I'M AFRAID I CAN'T MAKE IT ALONE and JESUS WALKED ON THE WATER) add a very nice touch to this gem of a record that plays beautifully from start to finish. Of course it did not hurt Doyle to have one of his best ever groups behind him: Randy Graham, Jimmy Haley and Terry Baucom (whose wonderful bass singing and banjo are highlights). One of the great gospel recordings on the market.