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DAN CRARY 'Jammed If I Do' SH-3824-CD

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When it comes to Crary and his guitar work, superlatives are the rule, and that is certainly the case again with this all new collection that should amaze and delight any lover of flat-pick acoustic guitar. It's as good as anything Crary's done, and that says a lot. Crary's technique, sense of timing and feeling are a given --as they are all of the highest rank; what makes this a particularly special recording is the superb choice of tunes --pieces that lend themselves perfectly to the artist's style. In addition, Crary is joined on one cut each by 4 other giants of the guitar, DOC WATSON, TONY RICE, NORMAN BLAKE & Italian BEPPE GAMBETTA, and Byron Berline (fiddle) and John Hickman (banjo) provide their usual first-rate backup work. With superb, clean sound, you couldn't ask for more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ST. ANNE'S REEL, BANJO SIGNAL, B & B RAG, TWIN REEL, UNCLE HERMAN'S HORNPIPE, TRIBUTE TO DON RENO, FOGGY MT. SPECIAL, IRISH TUNE SUITE, etc.