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PAUL WILLIAMS 'Hard Working Pilgrim' REB-1774-CD

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Coming off a wonderful, well-accepted first album for Rebel that was nominated for a Grammy award (REB-1754, OLD WAYS & OLD PATHS), Williams and his group The Victory Trio have put together another 14-song gospel collection that is every bit as good as the first. Every song here has something special to offer in terms of message, vocal harmonies, and soulful presentation. The group works beautifully with Williams, known for his superb work as tenor singer and mandolin player on Jimmy Martin's most successful recordings. His wonderful tenor voice leads them through powerful versions of classics like WAYFARING PILGRIM, THERE IS A FOUNTAIN and SUPPERTIME and his own fine compositions THERE'S BEEN A FEW TIMES, I WANT TO TELL IT ALL OVER AGAIN and HOLY GHOST EXCITEMENT IN MY SOUL. A superb, inspiring album that is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. JOY IN THE MORNING, HE PAID THE DEBT, I CLAIM THE BLOOD, SURELY I WILL, MY HOMEWARD JOURNEY, etc.