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RHONDA VINCENT 'New Dreams & Sunshine'

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After a number of years as the lead singer and multi-instrumentalist for her family band(THE SALLY MOUNTAIN SHOW), the Missouri-born Vincent made her debut as a soloist in this excellent self-produced record that includes fine back up work by a variety of Bluegrass and country musicians including Bela Fleck, Bobby Hicks, Jerry Douglas, Buck White and Don Parmley. Three of the songs, including duets with Parmley and Charlie Louvin, are country, the the other 7 pretty much straight Bluegrass. Rhonda's excellent expressive voice stands out at all times, and the best songs here are superb. MY BLUE TEARS, RISE & shine, country rain AND HAVE I LOVED YOU TOO LATE. A lovely job by a very talented lady (this was the first of four albums that she recorded for the Rebel label).