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RHONDA VINCENT 'Timeless & True'

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Ms. Vincent is one of the biggest names in Bluegrass music today, deservedly so. Those who have been around a while will know that she has more than "paid her dues", starting as a member of her family's band (the Sally Mountain Show) many years ago. Now a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and sponsored by Martha White Flour, she recorded 4 good albums for the Rebel label before a short-lived stint as a country singer with the now defunct Giant label and then going on to her successful career on Rounder. This, the last of her four Rebel albums has a more country flavor than the previous 3, but most of her fans will surely appreciate the exquisite vocal work on such fine songs as Carl Jackson's HOMECOMING, I DO MY CRYING AT NIGHT, MIDNIGHT ANGEL,I'M NOT THAT LONELY YET and BIRMINGHAM TURNAROUND. Alison Brown and Bela Fleck on banjos are among those backing Rhonda here.