DOCK BOGGS 'The Folkways Years'  SF-40108-CD

DOCK BOGGS 'The Folkways Years' SF-40108-CD

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Boggs, the legendary old-time banjoist & songster from Norton, Va., recently received the royal treatment from the REVENANT label when it re-issued the relatively few recordings he made in the 1920s. Now the Smithsonian has done similarly with the recordings that Boggs made for the Folkways label from 1963-68 after his re-discovery by Mike Seeger. There's a lot of fascinating material in this 50-song, 2 -CD collection that includes a nice booklet of notes. Boggs sang and played in a raw, bluesy style that was just about unique on commercial record. Fortunately Seeger captured most of his distinctive & unusual repertoire, which included pieces lie ROWAN COUNTY CREW, OH DEATH, DRUNKARD'S LONE CHILD, WILD BILL JONES, DOWN SOUTH BLUES, HARVEY LOGAN, COLE YOUNGER, LITTLE BLACK TRAIN, DAVENPORT, LOVING NANCY, COKE OVEN MARCH, COAL CREEK MARCH, SUAR BLUES, OMIE WISE, PEGGY WALKER, GLORYLAND,JOHN HARDY, etc.