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MOLLY O DAY 'Complete Columbia Recordings'(2-CD Set) BCD-15565-CD

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What a treasure! In its usual first-class manner, the BEAR FAMILY has here re-issued the complete Columbia recordings of O'Day--to many the greatest female country singer of all time. In a brief 5 year period from 1946 to 1951, Molly recorded these wonderfully soulful songs then left the music business to devote her life to religion. She died in 1987 after bouts with TB and cancer. Born in eastern Kentucky, Molly was thoroughly an Appalachian phenomenon and was extremely popular in that region in the most creative period in country music just after World War II. On a number of her songs, she frailed a banjo, including the classic POOR ELLEN SMITH and several great gospel songs like TRAVELING THE HIGHWAY HOME. Her country songs & duets with husband Lynn Davis were equally effective with fiddle & dobro prominent. A 44 page booklet with quite a few nice photos, a full discography and notes by Ivan Tribe add to what is an essential item for any fan or student of classic rural music. Lovely, powerful & inspiring singing. TRAMP ON THE STREET, HERO'S DEATH, SINGING WATERFALL, THE EVENING TRAIN, TOO LATE, WHY DO YOU WEEP, DEAR WILLOW, FIRST FALL OF SNOW, MATTHEW 24, HEAVEN'S RADIO, PUT MY RUBBER DOLL AWAY, THIS IS THE END, DRUNKEN DRIVER, etc.