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CLIFF WALDRON 'The Best of Cliff Waldron'

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Though his name may not be a household word to many of today's Bluegrass fans, Waldron, who recently returned to the music after a hiatus of almost 20 years, wrote an important chapter in Bluegrass' history, and this 17-song collection of the best recordings from his early career is not only an important historical document, but a thoroughly musical and highly enjoyable listening experience. Waldron, possessor of a very pleasant & distinctive voice, was adept at choosing good songs from a variety of sources and surrounded himself with excellent sidemen: among those heard here are some of the earliest recorded efforts of Mike Auldridge, Ben Eldridge, Jimmy Arnold and Gene Johnson. Also contributing greatly are Dave Auldridge, with fine tenor work, and the late Ed Ferris on bass. Waldron was a key figure in bridging the transition from hard-core traditional Bluegrass to a more modern, contemporary sound, and the songs here show he is completely at home with both. An important & highly recommended disc. FOUR STRONG WINDS, FALLEN LEAVES, VIOLET & THE ROSE, VEIL OF WHITE LACE, NOBODY'S LOVE LIKE MINE, SUNNY SIDE OF MY LIFE, SILVER WINGS, SATAN'S JEWELED CROWN, ICE COVERED BIRCHES, LONESOME WITHOUT YOU, CLOSE THE DOOR LIGHTLY, BRAND NEW WAGON, etc.