BUSH, GRISMAN, McCOURY, etc. 'Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza'          ACD-35-CD

BUSH, GRISMAN, McCOURY, etc. 'Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza' ACD-35-CD

  • $23.00

An amazing, beautifully produced 2-CD set here that will warm the heart of any mandolin player. The Acoustic Disc label has put together a lavishly done, very attractive package with 44-page booklet, similar to its earlier TONE POEMS releases. Of course the real feature here is the musicianship, and the artists included are a who’s who of today’s top Bluegrass mandolinists: RONNIE McCOURY, DAVID GRISMAN, FRANK WAKEFIELD, RICKY SKAGGS, BOBBY OSBORNE, JESSE McREYNOLDS, SAM BUSH, and BUCK WHITE. They play individually, in duets, trios and ensemble, mostly with minimal accompaniment (DEL McCOURY on guitar on most cuts)—this is effective in letting the tone of the various mandolins (F-5s and F-5 copies) shine through. There are all kinds of highlights here among the 34 tracks like PANHANDLE COUNTRY with 8 different solos, Ronnie McCourry’s McCOURY BLUES, Wakefield’s MISS IZZIE, Skaggs playing BLUE GRASS SPECIAL, Grisman & Wakefield’s MEXICAN STOMP and DUSTY MILLER, again featuring everyone. A fantastic concept & a gem of a package that gets our highest recommendation. CATNIP, OLD JOE CLARK, B NATURAL, ONE LEGGED MAN,, SAY OLD MAN, WESTPHALIA WALTZ, CAJUN MANDOLIN, SASSYFRASS, ROANOKE, etc.