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HANK SNOW 'The Yodeling Ranger 1936-1947' (5CDs) BCD-15587-CD


Recording over 40 years with the same label(RCA), Hank Snow is a perfect candidate for the amazing re-issue program that Bear Family has now completed with this 5-disc set that completes Snow's entire recording career on 30 CDs in 5 boxed sets. This set may well be the most interesting for most Snow fans in that it contains his earliest work, close to 100 songs that came out on Canadian Bluebird 78s between 1936 to 1947. Snow, with his wonderfully distinctive voice sounds great in the simple country setting: sometimes just his own guitar--more often just his guitar & the steel guitar work of JOHNNY BEAUDOIN. While some of the material is repetitive, it is all very nicely done, and there are enough really nice songs to please most fans, songs like BLUE VELVET BAND, BLUE RANGER, THE PRISONED COWBOY, HOBO'S LAST RIDE, WHEN MT BLUE MOON TURNS TO GOLD AGAIN, JUST A FADED PETAL FROM A BEAUTIFUL BOUQUET, SUNNY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN, and the lovely ONLY A ROSE FROM MY MOTHER'S GRAVE. As usual, there's a great 48 page booklet with notes by Charles Wolfe, fine photos & a discography. Along with his I'M MOVIN box(BCD-15426, $70) AND 5 disc THESAURUS TRANSCRIPTIONS box(BCD-15488, $85)this is essential Hank Snow and another wonderful production from the German label.