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TOMMY JARRELL 'Rainbow Sign' CO-2725-CD

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Though this was in fact the last album that Tommy Jarrell recorded (just a few months before his death in 1985), it still has plenty to offer to the old-time enthusiast. Though his fiddling and singing were obviously stronger when he made his first recordings for County in the late 1960's, he is still in good form here and very much his dynamic self, and has a good backing crew of able & sympathetic musicians that help make this a very solid album overall. Verlen Clifton, Andy Cahan and Alice Gerrard provide that backing, and a conscious effort was made to record songs & tunes that Tommy had not previously recorded, so this really is a key release for fans of Jarrell, whom many consider the finest indigenous old-time musician to record & perform in the past 30 years or so. Wonderful old-time music! SAY DARLING SAY, TEMPIE, IDA RED, OLD MOLLY HARE, CHAPEL HILL SERENADE, SUGARFOOT RAG, GRANNY WILL YOUR DOG BITE, OLD TIME SALLY ANN, LITTLE MAGGIE, etc.