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CARL STORY 'Somebody Touched Me' KING-5111-CD

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Carl Story's importance and influence as a first generation Bluegrass figure has been largely overlooked in recent years, and he is so poorly represented on CD today that anything is welcome. Though his best recordings were the many solid & spirited cuts he did for the Mercury label in the 1950s, his later work for the Starday label was generally quite strong, and this 10-track budget release is a typical selection of that body of work, taken from several different albums, and including two songs on which he is joined by the Lewis Family(STANDING IN THE NEED, HEAVEN BOUND TRAIN). Story always fronted an excellent band, which over the years included players like the Brewster Brothers, Red Rector, Tater Tate and Bobby Thompson, and this album includes several of the songs most clearly identified with him, LIGHT AT THE RIVER, EVERYBODY WILL BE HAPPY, IF YOU DON'T LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and the title song. A superficial set of notes includes the mis-information that Story's band was named "The Mountain Ramblers"( the actual group name was "The Rambling Mountaineers". VALLEY OF TEARS, ROYAL TELEPHONE, etc.