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MADDOX BROTHERS & ROSE 'Live - On the Radio' ARH-467-CD

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Another bonanza here for fans of this colorful west coast band of the 1940s and 50s, featuring more of Rose Maddox great country vocals and the raucous, fun-filled music and banter of her brothers. There are 38 tracks here, taken mostly from live studio broadcasts at KXLA in Pasadena, California in December of 1953. Among these are numerous songs that the group never recorded and the band is probably near its best in this informal relaxed setting. Lots of fun here, along with several of Rose Maddox's powerful gospel songs. SWEET MAMA, BEAUTIFUL LOUISIANA, WHEN THE ANGELS CARRY ME HOME, WATERBABY BLUES, RED CALL TO NATCHEZ, WHY DO YOU WEEP DEAR WILLOW, MULE SKINNER, WAIT A LITTLE LONGER PLEASE JESUS, JOHN HENRY, IT'S BEEN SO LONG, etc.