VARIOUS ARTISTS 'High Lonesome: The Story of Bluegrass Music' DVD

VARIOUS ARTISTS 'High Lonesome: The Story of Bluegrass Music' DVD

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Rachel Liebling & Northside Films are responsible for this superb 95-minute documentary that first appeared as a film in 1991. Relatively few people got to see it in that form, so it is great to have it on the market as a reasonably priced DVD and VHS Video. The film is a well-paced & varied look at the history of Bluegrass, focusing a good deal on Bill Monroe, his homeplace & upbringing in western Kentucky, and the various artists who fell under his influence right up until today. There are interviews, a lot of musical excerpts, some nice scenic shots, period stills, and a lot of good historical footage from varied sources (old movies, TV shows, newsreels, festivals, etc). Some of the neatest of this material are brief segments from one of the first two Roanoke Bluegrass Festivals (in 1965 & 66). Mac Wiseman does a nice job of narration and artists like Jimmy Martin, Ralph Stanley, and the Osborne Brothers get adequate time (unfortunately, those giants who have passed on --Lester Flatt, Don Reno & Red Smiley etc --are pretty much ignored). If there's a complaint --and it's just a minor one --it's that some of the early stills & footage (back in the 1920s & earlier) are backed with Bluegrass music when old-time music would have been more appropriate & effective. All in all a wonderful tribute & documentary that every Bluegrass fan should have.