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LARRY SPARKS 'The Coldest Part Of Winter' REB-1786-CD

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With some 40 years of experience behind him, Larry Sparks continues to put out some of the best traditional Bluegrass on the market. His distinctive vocal style (and equally unique guitar work) is heard to good advantage on this really nice 12-cut album that brings some fine new material to the genre. Particularly nice are YOU AIN'T LIVED, SHENANDOAH MOON and 3 superb David Norris songs: THIS OLD ROAD, OUR OLD HOME and HE WALKED ALL THE WAY HOME. Michael Cleveland provides the fiddle work here, and there are a couple of nifty instrumentals where Sparks' guitar, Cleveland's fiddle and Scott Napier's mandolin get a chance to shine. Superb Bluegrass here, highly recommended. WINTER IN MIAMI, SOLDIER'S JOY, KENTUCKY MOON, etc.