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VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Kentucky Mountain Music' (7CDs) YAZOO-2200-CD

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Years in the making, here at last is this stunning 7-CD Boxed set containing over 150 recordings taken from both commercial recordings of the 1920s & 30s and field recordings of the 1930s and 40s. With heavy emphasis on the fabulous variety of fiddle music that made Kentucky's old-time traditions stand out, the set is lovingly presented with an impressive and attractive 32-page booklet of photos and notes by Rich Nevins & Charles Wolfe. They incorporate en enormous amount of research done years ago by the late Guthrie Meade: it is truly amazing that so many facts (and photos) have been gained by the researchers, and equally amazing that all of the original recordings have been found and brought together (in fine sound), when so many of them are so extremely rare. Here are just a few of the wonderful artists represented in this collection: BUELL KAZEE, BURNETT & RUTHERFORD, FIDDLIN' DOC ROBERTS, BILL STEPP, PETE STEELE, GEORGE ROARK, JIMMIE JOHNSON, TED GOSSETT'S STRING BAND, WALTER FAMILY, HENRY BANDY, GREEN BAILEY, J.W. DAY, CROCKETT FAMILY, TAYLOR'S KENTUCKY BOYS, RUTHERFORD & FOSTER, etc. A huge amount of music here --all of it good to great --and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone who loves old-time music!