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AUBREY HAYNIE 'The Bluegrass Fiddle Album' SH-3957-CD


In a few short years this Florida fiddler has established himself as one of the most respected and in-demand Bluegrass fiddlers in the business, and a top Nashville session musician (he's also a fine mandolinist). This new 12-tune all instrumental disc is a gem --one that can take its place among the best fiddle records on the market. Though Haynie's playing is neither a copy nor an echo of the great Kenny Baker, there is certainly an overwhelming amount of Baker's influence audible here --both in style and repertoire. No fewer than 9 of the 12 tunes have Baker associations, including FIRST DAY IN TOWN, BLUEGRASS IN THE BACKWOODS, APRIL'S REEL, MAKE A LITTLE BOAT and McHATTIES WALTZ. Every piece is beautifully rendered with superb backing from Tony Rice (guitar), Sam Bush (mandolin), David Talbot (banjo) and Barry Bales (bass). No fiddle fan should be without this stunning recording.

Track list:
1 Buckner's Breakdown 3:08
2 Hamilton Special 3:24
3 McHattie's Waltz 3:20
4 Ducks On The Millpond 4:08
5 Smith's Rag 2:53
6 Bluegrass In The Backwoods 3:21
7 April's Reel 3:20
8 Make A Little Boat 3:08
9 Ook Pik Waltz 4:07
10 Long Cold Winter 3:11
11 First Day In Town 2:36
12 Bill Cheatham 3:03