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Here is a real gem of an album by a group that is new on the scene but whose members are no "strangers" to Bluegrass music. The band features wonderful singing by two fine vocalists, Chris Brashear and Jody Stecher, and dynamic work on banjo and lead guitar from Bob Black and Peter McLaughlin respectively. Forrest Rose rounds out the group on bass fiddle, and guest fiddler Ed Neff helps out on a trio of songs that feature great triple fiddle work in the Monroe style (WANDERING BOY, 21 YEARS and SING ME A SONG). Several good original songs are added to some older classics in a superb 14-track program that moves along beautifully. Brashear sings in a lilting, engaging manner, and both he and Stecher demonstrate a highly melodic styling that has plenty of "edge" to it. Great music. ROLL ON JOHN, HOMELESS JOE, HERMIT MINER, BLUEGRASS IN THE BACKWOODS, IF WE NEVER MEET AGAIN, etc.