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Don't let the rather modest production values of this DVD fool you. Rice, Grier and Smith sit in three chairs before a non-descript background and simply alternate breaks on their guitars. They pick with a minimum of motion and sit quietly and modestly at the end of each piece. Despite the "Live In Concert" moniker, most of the 20 tunes are played without any audience. But when the video is over, the viewer/listener is left with jaws agape from the amazing technique and artistry he has just witnessed. There are subtle differences in the styles of the three pickers, but to compare them would be odious, as the old expression goes: let's just say that all three men are masters of flat-picked guitar, getting great tone, dynamics and a lovely choice of notes as they pick out tunes that really lend them selves to great, exciting instrumental work. Some of the best of these are FORKED DEER, BILL CHEATHEM, BIG SANDY RIVER, BLACK MT. RAG, TENNESSEE WALTZ, CRAZY CREEK and others. Amanda Smith joins husband Kenny in singing a couple of songs (AMY BROWN and a lovely bonus cut). I think it's safe to say that advanced guitar pickers can and will be able to pick up some tricks and pointers from this feast of picking. But any fan of acoustic guitar music should be thrilled by the stunning work of these three superb artists.