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DOYLE LAWSON & QUICKSILVER 'School of Bluegrass' CR-0547-CD

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Over the years Doyle Lawson's bands have turned out a long line of Bluegrass "Stars", much like the bands of Bill Monroe and Jimmy Martin. Lawson and his label, Crossroads, have done a neat thing here by compiling this 50-song collection drawn from live shows and practice sessions over the years. There have been 12 editions of Lawson's Quicksilver band, and all of them are represented here by at least two, and sometimes as many as 7 songs. Sound quality varies a little, but is generally fine. Starting with Lawson's first group (Terry Baucom, Jimmy Haley and Lou Reid), this 2-CD set includes musicians like Ray Deaton, Russell Moore, Randy Graham, John Bowman, Jim Mills, Shawn Lane, Steve Gulley, Dale Perry and Barry Abernathy. Most of the cuts are songs that Lawson did not record otherwise. This is a wonderful package crammed with fine music (both gospel and secular). BIG COUNTRY, PRINCE OF MY PEACE, CARELESS LOVE, IF YOU SEE MY SAVIOUR, FLORIDA BLUES, SALLY GOODIN, CAROLINA IN THE PINES, MY WALKING SHOES, AMBER TRESSES, DAILEY'S REEL, LITTLE COMMUNITY CHURCH, I'LL TAKE THE BLAME, etc. 2-CD set.