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GEORGIA YELLOW HAMMERS 'Johnson's Old Grey Mule' BACM-073-CD


The Georgia Yellow Hammers were a very popular old-time group from North Georgia. They were definitely somewhat unusual in that 2 members (Phil Reeve & Ernest Moody) were known more as gospel singers & composers, while the other two (Bill Chitwood & Bud Landress) were simply mountain musicians. They were also almost unique in taking a black fiddler (Andrew Baxter) to one of their sessions for Victor Records (though his tune(s) are not on this re-issue). This disc tries to give an all-around picture of the group and its members: it includes a majority of the songs that were released by the Yellow Hammers, but also includes cuts by the Clyde Evans Band, Chitwood & Landress, the Gordon County Quartet and the Turkey Mt. Singers --all related bands. The 24 tracks include BIG BALL IN MEMPHIS, KISS ME QUICK, ALL GONE NOW, PICTURE ON THE WALL, MOONSHINE HOLLOW BAND and the early hit JOHNSON'S OLD GREY MULE.