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This, the last album recorded by Charlie Waller, can take its place with most of Waller's recordings --that is to say, excellent to superb singing & playing on a good variety of songs. That is somewhat amazing considering that Charlie was really in poor health the last few years of his life. But there's no need for excuses like "he did pretty well considering" etc.: Charlie's GREAT voice was great right to the end. We defy anyone to discern any difference between his singing here as compared with any of his work over a career that spanned over 47 years. It looks like this album started as a collection of all patriotic songs, and it does include fine versions of FIGHTING SIDE OF ME, THERE'S A STAR-SPANGLED BANNER WAVING SOMEWHERE and BE QUIET WHEN WILLIE WALKS BY. Just how CRYING IN THE CHAPEL, STAY IN THE WAGON YARD and RIVER OF TEARS fit into this scheme is a mystery, but no matter, it's all good music. Noteworthy is the very last song on the last album that Charlie made: the lovely, poignant Dixie Hall song, LET ME FLY LOW, which was played at Waller's funeral. If this doesn't grab you, nothing will. A fitting farewell from a once-in-a-generation talent. A MINER'S LIFE, BLACKBERRY BLOSSOM, BETWEEN FIRE & WATER, THE VISION, etc.