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ALLISONS' SACRED HARP SINGERS 'Heaven's My Home: 1927-1928' CO-3531-CD

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This is not a record for everybody, but it will be special for those who have long awaited a sizable well-presented sampling of the fascinating, archaic style known as Sacred Harp Singing and native to a very small area of North Georgia and Alabama. Allison's Sacred Harp Singers were the most prolific of the relatively few such groups that recorded in the late 1920s, and thanks to a few dedicated collectors like Alabaman Robert Nobley we have a chance to hear 21 of these amazing rare original recordings. The songs, taken from the old shape note hymnals of the 19th century are first lined out note by note, followed by the singing of the words. Some cuts are unaccompanied, some have piano, but most feature a pump-organ accompaniment, sometimes in a modal structure. N.Y. Times reviewer termed this music "spookily beautiful." With 24-page booklet of ine notes by John Bealle and Joyce Cauthen.