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ISAACS 'Heroes'

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After several successful years with the Horizon label, the Isaacs have apparently transferred to Bill Gaither's label, a company generally known more for contemporary Southern gospel music. Though it is likely that the Isaacs can be even more successful in their new recording home, it will be a loss for the group's considerable Bluegrass following, especially if this new disc is any indication. By Bluegrass standards this record suffers mightily from over-production and is slick almost to the point of being more a "pop" album than anything even slightly resembling country, which is what the Isaacs surely were just a few years ago. Without disrespect to a very talented family, I cannot avoid thinking of the common country saying, "Don't get above your raising". The songs --all new material with a contemporary Christian flavor --include FRIEND TIL THE END, YOURS & MINE, IN HIS HANDS, SWEET HOLY SPIRIT, GREAT IS THY REWARD, etc