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Larry Sparks --in a distinguished 40-year career --has put out many excellent albums in the past, but none is better than this superb 16-song collection produced with a majestic touch by Don Rigsby. No other active Bluegrass artist has as many "signature" songs as Sparks, and this record includes new versions of several of these, all at least as successful as the originals: JOHN DEERE TRACTOR (with Alison Krauss & Dan Tyminski), WHERE THE SWEET WATERS FLOW (with The Isaacs), TENNESSEE 1949 (with Kevin Denny), and an amazing CARTER'S BLUES (with Sparks, Kenny Smith, Vince Gill, Tim Stafford and Jim Hurst alternating guitar breaks). But this is not a retrospective: Larry adds some fine new songs to his repertoire, among them 1-800-DO-YOU CARE with Rhonda Vincent and I WANT YOU TO MEET MY FRIEND, with Tom T. Hall. Maybe the best of the cuts are a wonderful GEORGIA PEACHES (with Andy Griggs) and Marshall Warwick's CITY FOLKS CALL US POOR (with The Whites). These two cuts are destined to take their place as future signature songs beside A FACE IN THE CROWD, SMOKY MT. MEMORIES, YOU COULD HAVE CALLED and others. Other guests include the Marshall Family (I NEED JESUS), Paul Williams, Ricky Skaggs, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Russell Moore, Ronnie Bowman and Chris Jones. An amazing and powerful statement by one of the great stylists of Bluegrass in his prime.