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From Every Stage' by Stephanie P. Ledgin BOOK_LEDGIN_STAGE

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FROM EVERY STAGE by Stephanie Ledgin (Univ. of Mississippi Press, 2004) 146 pp, hardbound. Ms. Ledgin won this year's IBMA award for "Print Media Personality of the Year" for her book "Homegrown Music". Here she shows another side of her talents with this impressive collection of photographs. While not all the photos are of Bluegrass subjects, a great part of them are, and most of the others deal with country, cajun, and roots performers that most of our readers will be familiar with. Some 48 pages of the book are in color, and both these and the black & white shots are well-selected and nicely document many lesser-known personalities as well as major performers like Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Marty Stuart, Doc Watson, Minnie Pearl, John Hartford, etc. A lot of neat memories here.