'Come Hither To Go Yonder' by Bob Black     BOOK_BLACK

'Come Hither To Go Yonder' by Bob Black BOOK_BLACK

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(Univ. of IL Press, 2005) 194 pp. Bill Monroe was such a unique, complex, larger than life figure that the impact of his music and his person may still not have fully sunk in even almost 10 years after his death. There will surely be other books about Monroe in the future, but happily we can add this title to the 3 or 4 others already written about the man. Most recently, Butch Robins put out a provocative summation of his years as a banjo player, focusing heavily on his two stints as a Blue Grass Boy. Curiously, the writer of this new volume is also a banjo player, although of an entirely different background and temperment. This book concentrates on the 3-year period (1974-1976) when Black was Monroe’s banjo player—and a good one. The book is an easy and very enjoyable read, filled with anecdotes and serious glimpses of life on the road with the legendary band leader. Any fan of Monroe will surely enjoy this well-written book.