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DEL McCOURY BAND 'The Company We Keep'

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After a slow start this album kicks in with a good helping of the tough, cutting edge traditional Bluegrass sound that has put McCoury and his fine band right at the top of the Bluegrass world. It is kind of disconcerting that 3 of the first four tracks (NOTHIN' SPECIAL, IF HERE IS WHERE YOU ARE and SHE CAN'T BURN ME NOW) are pretty stilted and cutesy --almost novelty numbers. That might well be an indication that the group is trying to reach out to different audiences: that's fine if you have a "1952 VINCENT BLACK LIGHTNING", but with the songs here it's dubious if that will work. When Del and the band get to Larry Keel's MOUNTAIN SONG, things start getting good, and most of the remaining songs (there are 14 tracks) are more what we expect from the McCourys. In addition to the Larry Keel song, the other good songs include FATHERS & SONS, WHEN IT STOPS HURTIN', WHEN FALL'S COMIN' DOWN, BLOWN AWAY & GONE, and Liz Meyer's UNTAMED. Strong and first class Bluegrass for the most part.