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TIM & MOLLIE O'BRIEN 'Take Me Back' SH-3766-CD


A lovely, relaxed album of duets by Hot Rize's Tim O'Brien and his sister Mollie that makes a wonderful change of pace. Simple, tasteful accompaniments(usally just one or two guitars, and one other instrument)set off the honest & straight forward vocal treatment that is given to a fine slection oF mostly old-time & country songs. Strong & very enjoyable performances of SWEET SUNNY SOUTH, DOWN TO THE VALLEY TO PRAY, DREAM OF A MINER'S CHILD, etc. Also UNWED FATHERS, LEAVE THAT LIAR ALONE, YOUR LONG JOURNEY.

1 Leave That Liar Alone
2 Sweet Sunny South
3 I Love You A Thousand Ways
4 Just Someone I Used To Know
5 Down To The Valley To Pray
6 Wave The Ocean, Wave The Sea
7 Your Long Journey
8 When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland
9 Unwed Fathers
10 Nobody's Fault But Mine
11 Papa's On The Housetop
12 Dream Of The Miner's Child
13 Christ Was Born In Bethlehem