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Blizard is a very good fiddler who played professionally as early as the 19302, then left music for 25 years to raise a family. This CD by the East Tennessean is an excellent one, featuring spirited fiddling that combines elements of various old-time styles with a heavy Fiddlin Arthur Smith influence. Though Smith is only briefly mentioned in the nice booklet of notes, his influence is strikingly apparent both in Blizard's playing and in his choice of tunes(no less than 7 pieces are from the Arthur Smith repertoire). Blizard does a creditable job of singing on a couple of songs, Jimmy Rodger's NO HARD TIMES and the hymn WHEN ZEPHYRSOF HEAVEN SHALL FAN ME. Pleasant old-time backing is provided by a group including Phil Jamison, Gordy Hinners and Andy Deaver. HELL AMONG THE YEARLINGS, IF I LOSE, SMITH'S WALTZ, SUGAR TREE STOMP, DICKSON CO. BLUES, WINEBARGERS MILL, HOUSE OF DAVID BLUES.