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TIM O'BRIEN 'Cornbread Nation'

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This album was issued at the same time as O'Brien's "Fiddler's Green" disc, and with similar packaging. We're not sure exactly what was intended by the juxtaposition, but the two CDs are horses of different colors, even though they both feature a fair number of "P.D." or traditional songs. While the Fiddler's Green album was more acoustic --with fascinating, well-textured, neat arrangements, Cornbread Nation is a lot more funky & choppy, with lots of electric guitar & percussion --some may like the "edgy" feel, others will just find it annoying. O'Brien is an innovative & creative musician whose interpretations on the Fiddler's Green disc are fresh and exciting; on this disc we can't tell that he has added anything special to songs like BUSTED, BOAT UP THE RIVER, HOLD ON, WALKIN BOSS or HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN. Helping Tim out here are Kenny Malone (drums), Kenny Vaughn (electric guitar), Casey Driessen, Dirk Powell and Dennis Crouch among others.