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WILMA LEE & STONEY COOPER 'Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill' GUSTO-0532-CD

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This wonderful husband-wife duo from West Virginia was one of the most colorful & entertaining pure country acts of the post-war era, with Wilma Lee generally considered to be one of the very best of that era's singers (usually mentioned in the same breath as Molly O'Day and Kitty Wells). The best of their recordings came out on the Columbia label in the late 1940s and early 50s and there's good news that this material is soon to be re-issued in a box set by Germany's amazing Bear Family label. This album was recorded in 1973, not too long before Stoney Cooper's death and does not quite have the punch or edge of their classic recordings that were done some 20 to 25 years earlier. But, on the positive side, this record marked a return to the Cooper's classic instrumentation (fiddle & dobro predominate) after a number of so-so late Hickory recordings and even weaker Nashville cuts for Decca after the band moved from West Virginia to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry in 1957. Best of all, it features the repertoire which suited the group best, with very respectable versions of Wilma Lee's classics like TRAMP ON THE STREET, LEGEND OF THE DOGWOOD TREE, GREAT SPECKLE BIRD, WRECK ON THE HIGHWAY, LITTLE ROSEWOOD CASKET, THE DRUNKEN DRIVER and 30 PIECES OF SILVER. A solid and important album.