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VARIOUS 'The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: Super Rarities & Unissued Gems Of The 1920s & 30s' YAZ-2202-CD

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While the accompanying 20-page booklet concerns itself mostly with the crazy eccentricities and downright fanaticism of collectors in general (and record collectors in particular), the fact is there is a wealth of GREAT music on this amazing 2-CD set (46 tracks). It may be designed for the die-hard collector (who knows the rarity of these one-of-a-kind 78s on such mythic labels as Black Patti, Gennett, Paramount and Lonesome Ace), but any lover of old-time music and/or blues will be enthralled by the performances here. These include many fantastic records that have only been discovered recently, like UP JUMPED THE RABBIT (Lowe Stokes), A LITTLE TALK WITH JESUS (Ernest Phipps), I'M LEAVIN' TOWN (Williams Harris), GINSING BLUES (Kentucky Ramblers), A MARRIED MAN'S BLUES (Wade Ward), MISSISSIPPI FARM BLUES (Son House) and other stunning cuts by Grayson & Whitter, Osey Helton, J.D. Harris, Long Cleve Reed, and Andrew & Jim Baxter. Full color pictures of some of the labels, a cover by noted comic artist R. Crumb and the interesting notes by Rich Nevins make this a facinating delight for any and all who enjoy the best of rural music from the 1920s & 30s