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KRUGER BROTHERS 'Carolina Scrapbook Vol. 2' DTM-016-CD

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We didn't think too much of the companion piece to this record (DTM --017, Carolina Scrap Book --Gospel Edition) which had a real dearth of quality singing. This album is a somewhat different story, with some interesting guest artists like Clint Howard, Tut Taylor, Wayne Henderson & Laura Boosinger. The Krugers (Jens, Uwe & Joel) tie things together nicely with good instrumental work and the concept is nice (friends & neighbors joining the Krugers in informal settings), but there is still too much average to mediocre singing, some of the cuts bordering on embarrassing in content & performance. On the plus side, there are 58 songs & tunes (on 3 CDs) and the packaging is very attractive. Some of the cuts feature story telling by Clint Howard, Tut Taylor and Si Kahn. PEG & AWL, WILLIE MOORE, KENNESAW LINE, CATFISH JOHN, IN THE PINES, ONE LITTLE SIP, GUITAR RAG, etc