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VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Bluegrass Legends'

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There's probably a story --and definitely a lesson --to be told here in this 10-song release that has no notes and no real explanation for its being. The songs --all of them very well done --feature such artists as Del McCoury, Alison Krauss, Mac Wiseman, Vassar Clements, Bobby Osborne, Earl Scruggs, David Grier and Glen Duncan among others. While none of the artists is singled out for special attention, the album definitely gives the impression of an all-star cast, and only on further study does it become evident that these musicians were simply guests on an old Pinecastle record by Larry Perkins. Nothing wrong with that, and the lesson is that the same material, if in different surroundings or with a "new suit of clothes" can definitely make a stronger and/or different impression. Perkins --an excellent & well-respected Nashville Bluegrass musician --did a fine job in producing this CD, which probably never got the attention it deserved. Now maybe it will, despite the fact that Pinecastle has put it in its secondary 4000-series. Songs include a nice NO ONE TO WELCOME ME HOME by Del McCoury and THE STORMS ARE ON THE OCEAN featuring Alison Krauss and Bobby Osborne.