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DEL McCOURY BAND 'The Promised Land' MCM-0003-CD

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In a remarkable career, Del McCoury has done just about everything there is to do in Bluegrass, from performing and recording as Bill Monroe's guitarist and lead singer to fronting a wonderful family band that has won a truckload of awards for excellence. But very surprisingly, there's one thing he had not done up until now, and that was to put out an all gospel album! And that is pretty rare for a mainstream Bluegrass artist, especially one who included powerful performances of WAIT A LITTLE LONGER PLEASE JESUS and GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES & PRAY on previous albums. Well, that has now been taken care of with this power-packed collection of 14 songs sung & played in the best Monroe tradition. There's a nice mix of duets & quartets to go along with tough, fervent McCoury solos like Pete Pyle's DON'T PUT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. The hard core Bluegrass fan will know he/she is in for a real treat when 7 of the songs are from the pen of the amazing Albert E. Brumley: some of these you seldom see recorded, but they are all good to great gospel songs: UNFRIENDLY WORLD, IT'S SURPRISING WHAT THE LORD CAN DO, I'M POOR AS A BEGGAR, I'M BOUND FOR THE LAND OF CANAAN. There's other good material too, from Billy Smith, Shawn Camp, etc. A wonderful album that gets our highest recommendation!