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ARNIE NAIMAN & CHRIS COOLE '5 Strings Attached With No Backing' MO1CA-CD


A very enjoyable disc of old-time banjo picking, some solo and some with guitar backing (there's also a nice double banjo treatment of ELKHORN RIDGE). The musicians are apparently from Toronto, Canada, and they have written 7 of the 18 tunes here. The originals are of a high standard and some of the most effective tunes on the album, especially a fine WINFIELD'S FANCY that leads off the record, and Naiman's WALKING THE DOG, an infectious piece. A few of the pieces include vocals. SALLY ANN JOHNSON, MIND THE GAP, COUNTRY BLUES, FRETLESS, THE BLACKEST CROW, DUCKS ON THE POND, DON VALLEY RAMBLE etc.