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SELDOM SCENE 'Different Roads' REB-7516-CD

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The very first compact disc ever issued by the Rebel label was a 16-song "Best Of" collection that came out in 1984 (!). Since that time the group's various albums have been consistently strong sellers, but up until now there has not been a follow up "Best of". Although this new collection is not labeled as such, it can certainly be considered "Volume Two" as it includes some of the band's most popular songs, like OLD TRAIN, WAIT A MINUTE, LAST TRAIN FROM POOR VALLEY and KEEP ME FROM BLOWIN' AWAY. It also includes some lovely performances that may have been overlooked on the original albums because there were so many other powerful tracks: these include John Starling's fine treatment of GARDENS & MEMORIES and DIFFERENT ROADS, along with John Duffey's vocals on REASON FOR BEING, PICTURES FROM LIFE'S OTHER SIDE, I'VE LOST YOU and REBELS YE REST. With 14 cuts and at a budget price, this is an amazing, wonderful collection that is too good to miss. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.