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EVERETT LILLY 'Everett Lilly & Everybody And Their Brother'

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Lilly --a member of the IBMA Hall of Honor for his work with his brother as the Lilly Brothers --is joined by a whole flock of other musicians on this 14 track project that is dedicated to his late son Charles Lilly, who was killed in a May 2006 car crash along with country singer Billy Walker. (Lilly has had way more than his share of family tragedy, with the loss of three sons --Giles, Tennis, and now Charles). Some of the folks helping out include Marty Stuart, Rhonda & Darrin Vincent, Jason Carter, Mike Bub, and Eddie Stubbs. It's a pleasant collection of mostly older songs like WAVES ON THE SEA, CYCLONE OF RYE COVE, GET IN LINE BROTHER, NEW RIVER TRAIN, OVER YONDER'S HILL, SOLDIER'S JOY, etc.