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SELDOM SCENE 'Scenechronized' SH-4003-CD


Another solid, well-produced album by today's edition of one of Bluegrass music's most famous bands. Although it's a quite different sound from the days when the singing was handled by John Starling and the late John Duffey, the Scene is still blessed with two of the best singers in the genre today, Dudley Connell and Lou Reid. As usual, the material is well chosen and beautifully performed. Three familiar old songs (KATIE DEAR, THIS MORNING AT NINE and SWEETEST LOVE) really mix in well with the newer material, and will be a treat for those who still like to hear the traditional side of this great group. SAD OLD TRAIN, HEART & SOUL, HOMETOWN BLUES, DON'T BOTHER WITH WHITE SATIN, TOO BAD YOU'RE NO GOOD, etc.

Track List:
1 Hometown Blues 3:07
2 Heart And Soul 3:18
3 This Morning At Nine 2:31
4 A Hundred And Ten In The Shade 4:00
5 Katie Dear 4:07
6 Sweetest Love 2:27
7 Don't Bother With White Satin 3:00
8 Mama Tried 2:09
9 You Remind Me Of The Blues 2:23
10 Please Be With Me 3:24
11 Sad Old Train 2:53
12 Tomorrow Is A Long Time 3:57
13 Too Bad You're No Good 2:47