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FRANK NEWSOME 'Gone Away With A Friend' VFH-109-CD

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For those who have wondered where Ralph Stanley gets those spine tingling acappella gospel songs that he has become famous for, here is something to stop & listen to. This is not music for the masses, not for the faint hearted, not for anyone who has no ear for anything that can be called "rough". But it is pure backwoods rural Americana that miraculously still exists in at least one little pocket of the USA. Newsome leads a small backwoods "Old Regular Babtist" congregation called the Little David Church in Haysi, Virginia, in coal mining country. Here he sings by himself, with no accompaniment, and most of the songs will be recognizable to fans of Dr. Ralph Stanley: WHEN I GET HOME, KEYS TO THE KINGDOM, BEULAH LAND, CHILD OF THE KING, and the title song. There are some informative notes by one Christopher Keopp and Jim Lauderdale. This is a fascinating document that will be a revelation to many.