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Bluegrass Odyssey A Documentary In Pictures And Words 1966-86' by Carl Fleischhauer & Neil V. Rosenberg BOOK-Bluegrass Odyssey-BO

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Softbound. This is a wonderful collection of quality photographs taken over the years by Carl Fleishhauer, and enhanced with some brief, but appropriate commentary from Mr. Rosenberg, author of "the" book on Bluegrass (BLUEGRASS:A HISTORY, $ 17.50). Fleishhauer includes a relatively small number of stage shots, and these are mostly well above the standard of quality seen in most other photographer's work. The real strength here, though, is in the behind the scenes, informal aspects of the music and its personalities that Fleishhauer captures so well --for example the three fine photos of Bill Vernon, Walt Saunders and Norman Carlson that are juxtaposed on page 100, the shot of Everett Lilly near the grave of his son Jiles in West Virginia, Buck White dancing on the side of the stage, and Sonny Osborne bantering with a young Marty Stuart in 1974. What strikes the long-time Bluegrass fan is the youthful looks of just about everyone: the book covers the years 1966-86 only, with emphasis on the late 60s and the 1970s, and it's great to see a good visual documentation of an exciting time when Bluegrass was both struggling and thriving and such a part of some people's lives. In this well-presented, well printed book Fleishhauer really captures the essence & excitement of a unique period. A fine work, and highly recommended.