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SPENCER MOORE 'Spencer Moore'

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It's with mixed feelings that we played this nicely produced & packaged album by Mr. Moore, a farmer from the southwestern part of Virginia. Moore, who accompanies himself on the guitar, was recorded back in the 1950s by Alan Lomax, and had at least one 45rpm record released in the 1960s. It is a shame that he was not more extensively recorded back then, as he was a strong & interesting musician. Moore is now 88 years old, and claims to know over 500 songs by heart: the 14 pieces here make an interesting collection of old songs and include RENFRO VALLEY HOME, IN THE YEAR OF '41, OUR BABY BOY IS GONE, BURGLAR MAN, JIMMY SUTTON, LAWSON FAMILY MURDERS, LITTLE ROSEWOOD CASKET, etc. Some pieces were learned from G.B. Grayson, who was a neighbor of Moore's at one time.