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GIBSON BROTHERS 'Iron & Diamonds' SH-4039-CD

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Solid and pleasant straight Bluegrass from this brother team from the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. A few of the songs stand out: the title song about immigrant miners who loved their baseball, THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN, PICKERS BLUES, and a nice version of the wonderful Bill Carlisle gospel song GONE HOME. The other songs here don't do anything for me, but fans of this group may well feel different.

Track list:
1 Cabin Down Below 2:53
2 Iron & Diamonds 4:01
3 One Step Closer To The Grave 2:42
4 The Other Side Of Town 3:25
5 Somewhere Trouble Don't Go 4:20
6 Lonely Me, Lonely You 3:04
7 Picker's Blues 3:19
8 A World So Full Of Love 2:55
9 Angry Man 2:33
10 Bloom Off The Rose 3:00
11 Long Way Down 2:46
12 Gone Home 3:09