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BUELL KAZEE 'Legendary Kentucky Ballad Singer Volume 2' BACM-214-CD

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We never thought of Buell Kazee as a prolific recording artist, so it was a surprise to see this second album of his songs --especially since each album contains over 20 tracks. Basically, Kazee only did three sessions for the Brunswick label in New York City and Chicago (one each in 1927, 1928, and 1929), but they were long sessions that stretched over 4 or 5 days. Each of the two volumes contains several of the great old ballads with banjo that Kazee did so well --on this disc we find ROCK ISLAND, JOHN HARDY, THE SPORTING BACHELORS, ROLL ON JOHN, LITTLE BESSIE and a fine SHORT LIFE OF TROUBLE (a song that was never issued by the Brunswick company). Also found here is the magnificent HOBO'S LAST RIDE. Most of the remaining tracks are pretty lackluster, diluted by hoky northern studio musicians (including Carson Robison). (Volume 1 --BACM 027 --contains a very similar mixture of superb and mediocre pieces). Sound quality is not the greatest in some spots, and this is not an album to be enjoyed from start to finish, but it does contain some fine music and is a good reference piece. With minimal notes by Brian Golbey.