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JERRY CORRELL 'Headin' Up Elk Creek'

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It appears that Mr. Correll --an old-time fiddler from Elk Creek in southwestern Virginia --is joined by around 20 different pickers in this nicely done collection of 19 well played tunes. There are lots of good names here, many of whom we recognize from previous recordings, some as far back as 20 years ago. Some of those include Tom Mylet (banjo, mandolin & guitar), Ron Mullenex (banjo), Ken Landreth (guitar), Dale Morris and Steve Kilby. It's an impressive list of tunes as well, including MORGAN ON THE RAILROAD, WALK ALONG JOHN TO KANSAS, WHITE RIVER, RYE STRAW, BUSH IN THE SHUCKS, JEFF CITY, FLANNERY'S DREAM and FRISKY JIM.